Paint protection film installation

How can you protect the paint of you vehicle?

This question is interesting especially to all new car owners, nevertheless it is important to any vehicle owner.

How can you solve this problem?

Paint protection film is the solution! Everyday damages, like pebble damage, scratches and other factors which are usually very hurtful, won`t be that way any more. 

What benefits will you receive?

  1. Car bodywork will be protected from most damaging factors
  2. The paint protection film is practically invisible, in fact high quality fill will improve the looks of the paint.
  3. Self healing technology will always lets the car look as good as new
  4. The value of vehicle will be set to the maximum, since body work wont be damaged
  5. Paint protection film may be removed any time

On what parts of your vehicle should you install paint protection film?

You will always receive best results if the film is installed on all panels of the vehicle, nevertheless there are parts that are prone to damage more then others. You should at least paint protect these parts:

  1. Front bumper
  2. Front side panels
  3. Engine cover
  4. Mirrors
  5. Door edges 
  6. Door handles
  7. Edges of boot